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Service: Zinc Plating

End user

Electrical safety systems manufacturer.

Component description

A small fragile electrical terminal pressed from brass.  Mounted in a smoke detector it is an integral part of the circuit which triggers the alarm if smoke is present.

Coating requirement

An electrically conductive coating which will not tarnish or degrade over time.  Due to the delicate nature of the profile of the pressings, careful handling and processing is essential to ensure no parts are bent or deformed.

Solution supplied

Bespoke plating barrels are used which are designed to ensure the components cannot get trapped in the drainage holes or internal joints of the barrel and so eliminating the possibility of parts bending while plating.

Similarly by investing in variable speed centrifugal driers we are able to slowly and gently increase the drier spin speed as well as slowly reduce the spin to standstill.

Care is taken to control the deposit thickness to ensure that the nickel coating is ductile so that it does not crack during assembly into the final product.

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