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Here at E.C. Williams Ltd, we are one of the UK’s leading zinc nickel barrel platers. Since zinc nickel plating was introduced in the 1990s, our electroplating company has invested heavily in this finish.

One Of The Largest And Most Advanced Barrel Lines In The Zinc Nickel Plating Industry

EC Williams now have one of the largest, and most advanced, barrel lines for the zinc nickel plating. Controlled by an advanced software driven system this enables:

  • Processing data to be stored for each part number processed, ensuring repeatability and quality control.
  • Real time control of current and temperature.
  • Chemical additions made accurately based on electrical current throughput.

State Of The Art Processing Line

This state of the art processing line is capable of meeting the stringent demands of our industrial customers, and their OEM customers..

Furthermore, the main market for zinc nickel electroplating is the automotive industry. However, we are now seeing aerospace and off-shore safety critical work adopt this coating to replace cadmium.

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Offering A Range Of Post Plating Treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of post zinc nickel plating treatments.

Chromate passivates in trivalent clear are available. In addition, we also offer zinc nickel in black, as well as top coats. For instance, silicate sealants and torque control lubricants.

Furthermore, for high tensile fasteners and springs, we have de-embrittlement facilities.

Expanding Our Reach With Industrial Zinc Nickel Plating

In addition to ensuring the very highest quality, we also offer a high capacity. Therefore, this ensures that our zinc nickel coatings can meet the demands of industry in terms of both speedy turnaround and large and small batch sizes. EC Williams takes pride in providing zinc nickel plating services to a multitude of industries, thanks to its exceptional corrosion resistance properties. From the demanding environments of the Automotive Industry, where enduring harsh conditions is crucial, to the precision-driven needs of the Electrical Industry our services are designed to meet varying needs. We’ve earned the trust of a wealth of sectors, particularly from those that need electroplated fasteners and pressings. With our extensive experience across these sectors, we’re confident in our ability to deliver top-tier, industry-specific zinc nickel plating solutions.

Consistently Competitive Rates

This flexible capacity, together with a system of very accurate pricing, ensures that our rates are consistently competitive.

To certify the coating thickness and the alloy content, we have X-Ray Fluorescence test equipment. The equipment quickly and accurately reports the exact thickness of zinc nickel deposited and its alloy make up.

Maintaining Excellent Consistency

We are expert platers of zinc nickel in the UK. Therefore, we have our own in-house laboratory with a team of trained zinc nickel electroplating technicians. This ensures that our plating solutions are analysed and operated within their optimum parameters, maintaining excellent consistency for all our zinc nickel plated finishes.

For automotive applications we offer PPAP Level 3 support as well as IMDS information.

EC Williams are suppliers of zinc nickel plating and other electroplating services in the UK to all sectors of industry. This includes automotive, rail, power generation, fastener and spring manufacturers.

Consistent Quality

EC Williams prides itself on the quality of the work it delivers.

Regular benchmarking against our competitors shows us that we are in the top 10% of the plating industry in terms of consistent quality thanks to the level of our technical understanding of our customers’ needs and the control of our processes.

You can see all our current accreditations and certificates on our Downloads page.

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