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Nickel Plating Experts With Decades Of Experience

E.C. Williams Ltd have been supplying a nickel plating service for over 90 years. Today, as one of leading nickel plating companies in the UK, we are proud to have a modern, state of the art processing plant based in Birmingham, West Midlands. Consequently, this enables us to meet the demands of our customers nickel electroplating service requirements.

Controlled By An Advanced Software Driven System This Enables:

  • Processing data to be stored for each part number processed ensuring repeatability and quality control
  • Real time control of current and temperature
  • Chemical additions made accurately based on electrical current throughput

Barrel Plating For A Wide Range Of Components

In particular, we barrel nickel plate many and varied components. These include components for both the electrical and electro-mechanical industries.

In addition, we also offer a de-embrittlement service for high tensile fasteners and springs. We plate onto most substrates including copper, phosphor bronze, brass, steel and zinc die-casts.

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Highest Quality Nickel Electroplating Service

In addition to ensuring the very highest quality finish, our nickel electroplating department also offers high capacity to meet the demands of industry. We do so in terms of speedy turnaround, and both large and small batch sizes.

Additionally, together with flexible capacity, our system of accurate pricing ensures that our rates always are always competitive.

Our X-Ray Fluorescence test equipment certifies the coating thickness. Therefore, it quickly and accurately reports the exact amount of nickel deposited.

E.C. Williams Ltd. also specialises in zinc nickel plating.

Maintaining Excellent Consistency in Nickel Electroplating

We have our in-house laboratory and trained nickel electroplate technicians. Therefore, our plating solutions are analysed and operated within their optimum parameters. We maintain excellent consistency as a result of this for all our nickel plated finishes.

We supply nickel plating to many companies in all sectors of industries. For instance, these include automotive, rail, power generation, power transmission, domestic and industrial appliances.

Post Plating Treatments and Quality Control

Our offerings extend to comprehensive post zinc nickel plating treatments including chromate passivates in trivalent clear and black nickel plating finishes, top coats such as silicate sealants, torque control lubricants, and de-embrittlement facilities for high tensile fasteners and springs.

We maintain top-notch quality standards with X-Ray Fluorescence test equipment certifying the coating thickness and the alloy content of the zinc nickel deposited.