Are you in the automotive industry and looking for stayblack coatings? Or perhaps you’re in the electrical industry and require plating that is highly solderable? We are experts in electroplating for many different industries. Use the links below to find out what plating services we provide for your business. 

At EC Williams our quality electroplating services serve many different purposes, in many different industries. For instance, protection against corrosion, improving aesthetics or change of mechanical properties. 

Electroplating is used to coat a surface with a thin layer of metal through electrochemical processes. It is primarily used to change the physical properties of an object. This is why plating is commonly used within the automotive, electrical, turned parts, fasteners, pressings and general engineering industries. 

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automotive electroplating

Automotive Electroplating

EC Williams is proud to offer the latest coatings and materials when it comes to automotive plating services and metal finishing.

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Electrical Electroplating

Electrical Electroplating

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general engineering electroplating

General Engineering Electroplating

Electroplating for the many varied sectors of Engineering. EC Williams are dedicated to excellence, contact us today.

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The Importance Of Electroplating Bolts And Fasteners - EC Williams - zinc plating bolts

Turned Parts Electroplating

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Fastners with tin electroplating from tin coating supplier EC Williams

Fasteners Electroplating by EC Williams

For a top quality fasteners electroplating service, contact the experts at EC Williams today.

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electroplating bolts

Pressings Electroplating

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