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6th April 2024
Innovative metal treatment processes by EC Williams for enhanced durability and sustainability

Navigating the World of Metal Treatment Innovations: Beyond Just Shine and Lustre

In an era dominated by metal treatment innovations, the intricate nuances of manufacturing have never been more paramount. From sustainability drives to the soaring demands of the consumer electronics and EV sectors, metal treatments play a role that’s often understated but unequivocally crucial. The Many Faces of Metal Treatments Metal finishing is no longer just […]

4th April 2024
Essential maintenance tips for electroplated fasteners - EC Williams guide

The Comprehensive Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Fasteners

Fasteners play a vital role in countless applications, from automotive manufacturing to electronic devices. Proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure their optimal performance and extend their life span. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some practical tips to help you care for and maintain fasteners, irrespective of whether they are stainless steel, […]

20th December 2023
what is zinc nickel plating

What is Zinc Nickel Plating? An Introduction

Welcome to a new informative series from EC Williams, one of the UK’s most trusted providers of electroplating services. This blog post aims to provide an introductory overview of a popular protective coating: zinc nickel plating. We’ll explore what it is, why it’s used, and how it’s transforming various industries. The Basics Zinc nickel plating […]

7th July 2023

Onshoring Benefits For Businesses: Championing Sustainability, Quality, and Growth in Manufacturing

Summary. Experience the game-changing onshoring benefits for businesses and manufacturing. As global wages rise, collaboration thrives, and quality soars, onshoring is the key to success. Join EC Williams and champion a brighter, local, and resilient industrial sector.   In the past, offshoring – transferring production to nations with substantially lower labour costs – was broadly […]

25th May 2023
electrolytic nickel plating - Electroplating Finishes

The Advantages Of Electrolytic Nickel Plating

Summary. Electrolytic nickel plating and electroplating finish experts at EC Williams offer state-of-the-art barrel lines for optimal results. Understanding both matte and bright finishes, they ensure fast, affordable, and stable plating solutions for various projects. Contact for more in the West Midlands.   As leading suppliers in electrolytic nickel plating, we have the skills and […]

11th May 2023
zinc passivation | zinc coating company

A Guide To Zinc Passivation | EC Williams

Summary. Zinc passivation and zinc coating company, EC Williams, emphasises the importance of corrosion resistance in electroplating. Zinc coatings, when treated with chromate passivation, combat ‘white rusting’. Various treatments offer different protection levels, with zinc-nickel alloy providing enhanced corrosion resistance.   Appearance is nearly always a factor when you are choosing electroplating. However, resistance and […]

21st April 2023
Surface Engineering Association - How Does It Supports Us? - surface finishing specialists

Surface Engineering Association – What Is It & How Does It Support Us (REACH)

Summary. The Surface Engineering Association (SEA) supports surface finishing specialists like EC Williams in navigating complex regulations, especially the REACH legislation. SEA’s guidance on REACH compliance, particularly on chromium usage, ensures businesses operate safely and meet industry standards.   The Surface Engineering Association (SEA) is an organisation that represents businesses operating in the surface engineering […]

7th April 2023
Fastners with tin electroplating from tin coating supplier EC Williams

Everything You Need To Know About Tin Coating

Summary. As a leading tin electroplating and tin coating supplier, EC Williams offers extensive services tailored to customer needs. Their tin coatings ensure resistance to oxidation and are essential for soldering, electric contacts, and switchgear. The blog further details tin plating characteristics and applications.   EC Williams have been a leading tin coating supplier for decades. […]

27th March 2023
UK Manufacturing Industry - Is it a Positive Brexit Outcome? - electroplating and coating services

Manufacturing In The UK – Are We Seeing A Positive Brexit Outcome?

Summary. In the UK manufacturing industry, recent global events like Brexit, COVID-19, and the Ukraine war impacted supply chains and offshoring. EC Williams highlights a “reshoring” trend, with businesses seeking local electroplating and coating services for enhanced control, reduced costs, and sustainability.   EC Williams is one of the country’s leading electroplating companies serving the […]

13th March 2023
zinc nickel coating supplier

Zinc Nickel Coating – What Is It And The Benefits?

Summary. EC Williams, a leading zinc nickel coating supplier from the West Midlands, emphasises the superior corrosion resistance of zinc nickel coating, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. Offering advanced electroplating services, they combine expertise with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring top-quality results.   Often used by the automotive industry, zinc nickel coating is the ultimate […]

12th January 2023
electroplating manufacturers - cadmium plating uk alternatives

The Rise and Fall of Electroplating Cadmium

As one of the leading electroplating companies in the UK, EC Williams was one of the electroplating manufacturers that had to adapt to the fall of cadmium plating services. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, cadmium was a very popular material to use for electroplating. Now however, there are very few electroplating companies that are […]