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Birmingham’s Premier Bolt Coating Company

Supporting manufacturers of nuts, bolts, washers, and rivets, EC Williams is renowned not only in Birmingham but also across the UK. Our commitment to quality and precision mirrors the vast array of services we offer, making us the top bolt company for coating bolts and fasteners. When it comes to electroplating fasteners, you can rely on EC Williams to deliver a seamless service from start to finish.

Meeting Global and OEM Electroplating Standards

Our meticulous electroplating process adheres to all national, international, and OEM specifications. We ensure that each fastener, from stainless steel fasteners to non-ferrous bolts, carries the hallmark of EC Williams’ unparalleled quality.

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Diverse Electroplating Services for Every Need

Our vast array of fastener platings options cater to diverse industrial needs

  • Zinc-Nickel: Offers optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Tin and Bright Nickel: Preferred for their aesthetic finish and durability.
  • Copper Platings: Especially sought after for copper plated screws and other copper fasteners due to their superb conductivity.
  • Stayblack: An exclusive treatment giving stainless steel fasteners a resilient black finish without compromising performance.

From Small Batches to Bulk: Capacity for All Orders

Whether you’re commissioning a limited run of specialised copper plated screws or a bulk order of electroplating bolts, our varied processing plants in Birmingham can cater to all sizes. Our offerings span from minute batches to massive orders, ensuring precision and quality at every scale.

Post-Plating: The Seal of Durability and Excellence

Our fastener coating services extend beyond just plating

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance with our range of passivates, from trivalent to hexavalent.
  • A selection of topcoats, including lubricants and identification dyes.

Minimising Thread Damage On Bolts and Fasteners

Our methods are specifically designed to ensure minimal thread damage during the electroplating process. This is particularly important for delicate non-ferrous bolts and other fasteners. To guarantee precision in our coating fasteners service, we employ advanced X-Ray Fluorescence equipment to ensure each fastener meets the specified coating thickness.

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Revitalising and Refining Imported Fasteners

For organisations sourcing fasteners overseas that don’t meet the desired coating standards, we offer a unique strip and replate service, ensuring they align with the industry’s stringent requirements.

Why Choose EC Williams in Birmingham?

With our vast experience in electroplating fasteners in Birmingham and the robust range of fastener platings, including nickel plating bolts, EC Williams is the preferred choice for many. We are the leading name in plating non-ferrous fasteners, offering a legacy built on innovation, quality, and commitment.

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