Specification NoPurposeSpecifier
IND9536Protective FinishesAlsthom
KL421Protective Coating TreatmentsAP Bracking
ASTM B841Zinc Nickel AlloyASTM International
P1242Zinc Nickel AlloyAvdel
GS 90010Zinc Nickel AlloyBMW
N67FZinc Nickel AlloyBosch
BS ISO 1872TinBritish Standards Institute / ISO
BS ISO 1224NickelBritish Standards Institute / ISO
BS ISO 12329ZincBritish Standards Institute / ISO
BS ISO 7371Coating of FastenersBritish Standards Institute / ISO
BS ISO 4042Coating of FastenersBritish Standards Institute / ISO
BS-EN 2081ZincBritish Standards Institute / ISO
BS1706ZincBritish Standards Institute / ISO
BS3382Coating of FastenersBritish Standards Institute / ISO
ISO 19598Zinc Nickel AlloyBritish Standards Institute / ISO
ISO 11408StayblackBritish Standards Institute / ISO
IE1675Protective FinishesCaterpillar
578205Nickel & TinEaton
ES 2751ZincEaton
WX100Protective FinishesFord
GME 00252ZincGeneral Motors
GMW4700Zinc Nickel AlloyGeneral Motors
TS0040Zinc Nickel AlloyGoodridge
P18Zinc Nickel AlloyHutchinson
STJLR.50.5054Zinc Nickel AlloyJaguar
STJLR.50.5055Zinc Nickel AlloyJaguar
S450Zinc Nickel AlloyJaguar
STJLR.60.5020X100Finishes for FastenersJaguar
STD 00017Zinc Nickel AlloyJCB
ST00002Zinc Nickel AlloyLeafield Marine
WNA 2130Protective FinishesMahle
MSL.04.02.0051Zinc Nickel AlloyMcLaren Motors
MSL.04.02.0090StayblackMcLaren Motors
DBL8451Zinc Nickel AlloyMercedes Benz
ST0343Zinc Nickel AlloyMercedes Benz
DEF 03Surface Protection of Metal PartsMinistry of DefenceMinistry of Defence
KT 65.15ZincMoeller
CWP169Zinc Nickel AlloyRolls Royce
QQ-P-35Passivation of Stainless SteelSAE International
AMS2417Zinc Nickel AlloySAE International
S5041Zinc Nickel AlloyTriumph
MIL-C-13924CStayblackUS Military
TL244Zinc Nickel AlloyVolkswagen / Audi
TYL217ZincVolkswagen / Audi
VW13750Surface Protection of Metal PartsVolkswagen / Audi