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Latest Electroplating News

Cadmium Replacements at EC Williams

With decades of experience under our belts, you can trust EC Williams to find and provide you with an electroplating solution that you can rely on each and every time. We strive to offer our customers the highest quality of electroplating service at the best value...

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Zinc Plate Passivate at EC Williams

Here at EC Williams we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of electroplating services to meet as many different customer requirements as possible. Quality and consistency is at the forefront of our business and the services we offer, and we strive to continue...

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New Nickel Line Arrives at EC Williams

EC Williams is set to invest up to £250,000 in installing a new fully automated barrel nickel plating line plant.   EC Williams is pleased to announce the impending installation of a new nickel line, which will offer great benefits to the company and our customers and...

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Silver plating services – for quality you can rely on

With our silver plating services we ensure that you receive the very best of our expertise gathered over 90 years. This, coupled with our extensive state of the art facilities, brings you the very best in silver plating of a wide ranging variety of components.   We...

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Zinc nickel plating services from leading electroplaters

Zinc nickel plating services Zinc nickel plating services continues to be the favoured finish for the automotive industry and is being specified by all European manufacturers for under bonnet and under car. This is because it achieves very high levels of corrosion...

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Zinc Electroplating – for a rapid, reliable result

Zinc Electroplating At EC Williams we understand your priorities. We know you need a zinc electroplating service that will fulfil your specific requirements, in your time frame and all for a competitive price. We have been offering this service for 90 years, so with...

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Zinc Nickel Electroplating In The Automotive Industry

When it comes to electroplating, there are various different metals and metal alloys you can choose, but when it comes to the automotive industry, zinc nickel is a very popular choice. Here’s a bit of information on how zinc nickel electroplating works and why it’s...

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