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6th April 2024
Innovative metal treatment processes by EC Williams for enhanced durability and sustainability

Navigating the World of Metal Treatment Innovations: Beyond Just Shine and Lustre

In an era dominated by metal treatment innovations, the intricate nuances of manufacturing have never been more paramount. From sustainability drives to the soaring demands of the consumer electronics and EV sectors, metal treatments play a role that’s often understated but unequivocally crucial. The Many Faces of Metal Treatments Metal finishing is no longer just […]

7th April 2023
Fastners with tin electroplating from tin coating supplier EC Williams

Everything You Need To Know About Tin Coating

Summary.¬†As a leading tin electroplating and tin coating supplier, EC Williams offers extensive services tailored to customer needs. Their tin coatings ensure resistance to oxidation and are essential for soldering, electric contacts, and switchgear. The blog further details tin plating characteristics and applications.   EC Williams have been a leading tin coating supplier for decades. […]

9th June 2022
Types Of Electroplating Services At EC Williams In Birmingham - electroplating company

Types Of Electroplating Services At EC Williams

Summary. We are a renowned electroplating company in Birmingham, offering diverse plating services like zinc, tin, and copper electroplating. With nearly a century of experience, we provide high-quality, corrosion-resistant coatings, catering to various industries like automotive and electrical. EC Williams Electroplating EC Williams is a leading electroplating company in Birmingham. We have been electroplating industrial […]