Nickel Electroplating – What Is It?

Summary. We offer top-tier nickel electroplating services, providing durable, corrosion-resistant, and decorative coatings for various industries. Our state-of-the-art facility handles both small and large orders, ensuring quality across a range of substrates, including copper and steel, for sectors like automotive and rail.

Nickel Electroplating: Explained

There are many companies that offer nickel electroplating services. However, if you’re looking for one of the best, look no further than E.C. Williams Ltd.

Like all electroplated coatings, nickel plating is a thin layer of nickel we can deposit onto several types of underlying metal. The nickel coating is normally deposited together with organic brighteners. This gives it a highly decorative appearance. Alternatively, we can reduce the amount of brightener, in order to give a more ductile coating for those components that need to be crimped or manipulated after plating.

Nickel electroplating gives a high level of corrosion resistance making it particularly useful in the plumbing industry. Nickel is also a good conductor of electricity and so is much used in electrical switch and components.

Unlike zinc plating, electrolytic nickel plating is a very hard coating making it more wear resistant and impact tolerant.

Electroplating Services

Since its founding in 1921, we have been providing electroplating services not only for nickel plating but also zinc and many other coatings to all types of business and industries.

EC Williams has grown over the years and we now have a state of the art processing plant. As a result, we have the capacity to meet the high demands of our clients. We barrel nickel plate various components for the electrical and electro-mechanical industries. We also offer a de-embrittlement service for high tensile fasteners and springs.

Our rates are competitive and we can nickel plate onto most substrates, whether your parts are in copper, phosphor bronze, brass, steel, or zinc die-casts.

EC Williams Ltd 

You can trust E.C. Williams Ltd with your plating needs. We can accommodate both small and large orders, and are dedicated to providing you with a top quality plating service.

To certify the nickel plating thickness of our plating, we use X-Ray Fluorescence test equipment. The equipment reports on the thickness of nickel, or whichever metal is we are depositing.

We supply plating to many sectors of industry, including automotive, rail, and domestic and industrial appliances. Whether you’re after nickel electroplating, zinc nickel, zinc plated parts, bright zinc plating, or Stayblack coating, E.C. Williams will be able to help you with your plating needs.

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