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Automotive Electroplating

The automotive OEM market continues to demand ever increasing levels of functionality from surface coatings, and EC Williams is proud to offer the latest products and materials when it comes to automotive electroplating and other coatings.

We put our automative vehicles through a lot these days.  Whether it’s increased driving in the city, taking them out in extreme weather conditions, or use on rougher, less predictable terrain.

All these things, as well as the simple facts of increased use and higher expectations within the automotive industry, mean that individuals and companies are more demanding than ever before when it comes to coatings, finishes and surfaces.


Corrosion resistance

The need to ensure high levels of corrosion resistance is amongst the most important factors nowadays, and when testing to ISO9227 salt spray, requirements in excess of 1000 hours is not uncommon – something that is only going to increase in the near future.

Frequently these high levels of corrosion protection also have to be achieved and maintained over a high temperature range.

This give both the manufacturers and their clients peace of mind, knowing their vehicles are going to be able to endure more and more of whatever the world throws at them.

With our high capacity zinc nickel facility this is a key market and process for us.

We’re always keen to progress with the times and offer more to our customers, and as such, the zinc nickel plating we use in our coatings really is the ultimate finish when it comes to resisting all manner of corrosion.

Furthermore, this particular alloy is available with both trivalent clear and black passivates, as well as a wide range of torque tension lubricants.

We’d be more than happy to apply our expertise and experience to your needs, ensuring that you make the perfect choice to suit your requirements.


Great wealth of experience

Professionalism in PPAP presentation is an essential part of the support that we supply in this marketplace, and with a business history stretching back to the 1920s, we have a great wealth of experience, skill and expertise to draw from and apply to our valued customers.

With quality requirements measured in the Parts Per Million, and turnaround times monitored to meet demands we are able to satisfy volume manufactures in this marketplace.


No job too big or small

However, no job is too big or small – we value all our customers no matter how long or short the project, or what size the project.

We greatly pride ourselves on offering a fast, effective and lasting service, and time and time again, we’ve demonstrated that our dedication to excellence has put us at the forefront of fast-moving automotive electroplating industry.


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