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Industry Leaders In Stayblack Finish

The Stayblack process is a chemical conversion which modifies the passive oxide layer of the stainless steel leaving the surface matt black. EC Williams are the leading Stayblack finishers in the West Midlands offering our services to a range of industries.

The primary applications of this are for turned parts and small pressings. In particular, it is used for fasteners which need to retain a consistent and durable black appearance.

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Highly Effective And Trusted By The Military

Furthermore, this coating is in use for more specific military applications where a black, matt, non-reflective surface is essential for stainless steel. You can use black steel coatings for clips, aerials, latches and fixings. In addition, it can indeed be used for any stainless steel component that needs an alternative to the standard bright, metallic appearance. Stayblack is specified for components in medical, optical and scientific equipment as well as for many varied aerospace applications.

Automotive applications include external and under bonnet fasteners as well as trim accessories.

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Withstands Atmospheric Weathering

Stayblack on stainless steel withstands atmospheric weathering, hot water and temperatures up to 500°C without any change in appearance. Moreover, the black coating is less than 1µm thick. Therefore, it will not alter any tolerance fits or change the dimensions of the component to any significant amount. Stayblack does not affect the inherent corrosion resistance of the base stainless steel. Additionally, it will remain colour consistent longer than an untreated part.

Long-Lasting Results That Stand The Test Of Time

It is a non-electrolytic process and so there is no possibility of hydrogen embrittlement. The surfaces can be deformed after treatment, for example crimped or bent. However, the coating will not flake, chip or peel. Stayblack can be delivered either dry to touch or with a range of lubricants.

Excellent Consistency for All our Finishes

With our in-house laboratory and trained technicians, we ensure that our solutions are analysed and operated within their optimum parameters. Therefore, this allows us to maintain excellent consistency for all our finishes.

We supply a wide range of electroplating services including zinc nickel plating to all sectors of industry. For instance, automotive, rail, power generation, power transmission, domestic and industrial appliances.

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Industrial Stayblack Treatments

With a commitment to high-quality services and substantial capacity, EC Williams delivers Stayblack treatments for various sectors. Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Automotive Industry, the precision needs of the Electrical Industry, and industries requiring treated fasteners and pressings. Drawing on a wealth of experience, we confidently provide customised, industry-specific Stayblack solutions.

Meeting the Demands of our Industrial Customers

E.C. Williams Ltd. has been supplying electroplating services for over 90 years. Today, we have a modern state of the art processing plant capable of providing a wide variety of electroplating services to meet the demands of our industrial customers.

Post Plating Treatments and Quality Control

Our offerings extend to comprehensive post zinc nickel plating treatments including chromate passivates in trivalent clear and black nickel plating finishes, top coats such as silicate sealants, torque control lubricants, and de-embrittlement facilities for high tensile fasteners and springs.

We maintain top-notch quality standards with X-Ray Fluorescence test equipment certifying the coating thickness and the alloy content of the zinc nickel deposited.