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EC Williams have been providing electroplating services for decades. Therefore, the company is proud to be one of the leading plating companies in the UK. We offering a wide range of plating services and finishes, working to industry standards. In addition, while meeting the requirements of a wide scope of sectors. For instance, the automotive, engineering, and electrical industries. We truly go the extra mile, offering many types of electroplating services, including JS500 zinc plating.

Our plating services are highly versatile. This is because we want to be able to support as many applications as possible with our platings and coatings. Therefore, with this in mind, we strive to be as flexible as we can when it comes to our services. As a result, we can make sure we provide solutions that are exactly what you and your application needs. Our JS500 zinc plating services is just one of the many electroplating options we offer.

What is JS500?

JS500 is a sealant which is used in conjunction with zinc electroplating as part of a finishing process. The water-based sealant is used in the electroplating process to strengthen the corrosion resistance of the components. Additionally, it can help to improve their coefficient of friction. JS500 is an environmentally friendly coating, and often applied over zinc plated components and surfaces with trivalent passivate. As this does not contain hexavalent chromium, the result is a protective coating that is compliant with Rohs and ELV.

JS500 is in fact the trade name for one of the most common types of these sealants. Although there are plenty of other manufacturers, JS500 is one of the most widely used brands worldwide and has been specified in many OEMs specifications for zinc plating.

The Benefits of JS500 Zinc Plating

When used in conjunction with zinc plating, JS500 can significantly enhance the corrosion resistance of a component. For example, after applying a JS500 coating to a zinc passivated part, we can usually turn 120 hours of corrosion resistance into 400 hours. With this in mind, it is easy to see why so many manufacturers specify a JS500 treatment as it is a highly cost effective solution for optimising corrosion resistance.

Also, JS500 provides increased protection against wear and abrasion when compared with a component that has only undergone a zinc electroplating treatment. As the sealant also contains a UV trace, components coated with this sealant are also easily traceable.

Industrial JS500 Zinc Plated Parts

Our JS500 zinc plating services are valued across multiple sectors, providing a reliable and efficient solution for various applications, particularly those requiring electroplated fasteners and pressings. EC Williams ensures our services meet the challenging conditions of the Automotive Industry and the precise requirements of the Electrical Industry. Through our sector-wide expertise, we confidently offer bespoke JS500 zinc plating solutions tailored to your industry-specific needs.

Industries and Applications

It is commonly used in the automotive industry for zinc electroplated components. Plenty of major automotive manufacturers have approved the sealant including General Motors and Ford.

Alongside automotive components, the silica based product can also support fastener industries. As it is silica based, here at EC Williams, we can add it to built in lubricants, and it will impregnate into the passivate. So, if you are looking for a relatively high level of corrosion resistance for your robot assemblies or other mechanical components, JS500 could be the perfect addition to the lubricant.

Post Plating Treatments and Quality Control

Our offerings extend to comprehensive post zinc nickel plating treatments including chromate passivates in trivalent clear and black nickel plating finishes, top coats such as silicate sealants, torque control lubricants, and de-embrittlement facilities for high tensile fasteners and springs.

We maintain top-notch quality standards with X-Ray Fluorescence test equipment certifying the coating thickness and the alloy content of the zinc nickel deposited.

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