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End user

Leading worldwide computer systems manufacturer.

Component description

A bespoke designed 3.00mm screw rivet used to mount the fan on the printed circuit board of computer servers.  Installed robotically in clean room environments, this seemingly unimportant component could cause significant reliability issues if the plating were to flake during assembly sending small fragments of metal onto the printed circuits.

Coating requirement

The two main criteria are for a coating which will not flake under the assembly conditions and which will have a controlled deposit thickness to allow for the tight tolerances in the circuit board.

Solution supplied

Supplying tin into an international manufacturer demands that we can prove ethical sourcing of the tin metal, we achieve this using the Conflict Materials Reporting system.

To achieve the coating requirements we established the optimum barrel loading taking into account the surface area of the components and the plating current and time required.  Our production control software ensures these plating parameters are stored against the part numbers so repeatability is ensured.

Certification to RoHS and WEEE compliance is supplied with each batch.

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