EC Williams Welcome New General Manager

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EC Williams are proud to have welcomed a new General Manager to the team, Adrian Bradley. 

As a specialist electroplating supplier in the UK, we are very proud of the high quality products and electroplating services we offer. Similarly, we are also proud of the flawless customer service that we provide.

With this in mind, our team was looking for a leader who could continue pushing the team in the right direction. We needed someone who was willing to ensure we go the extra mile. Specifically, when it comes to creating solutions and expanding our expert knowledge.

We feel Adrian Bradley is the perfect man for the job. He has over a decade of experience, managing a variety of businesses. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Adrian has sustained an extensive portfolio of success. Especially when it comes to Engineering Manufacturing. 

Adrian has experience managing and providing solutions for a wide range of industries. This includes the Defence, Marine, Retail, Automotive, and Rail sectors. As a leading electroplating supplier, we work very closely with many of the above industries.

We have had plenty of experience ourselves, electroplating for some of the world’s leading industries. However, we knew Adrian would only enhance our experience and knowledge even further. 

Using his own in-depth understanding of specific industries, Adrian can help us develop our services as an electroplating suuplier. He can also help us take them to the next level. Every industry is constantly growing and changing. Adrian can help ensure we remain a reliable, and knowledgeable company who produce outstanding results for these industries every time. 

We have full confidence in the leadership of our new General Manager. We also look forward to reaping the benefits and showcasing the results of Adrian’s experience and expertise as a modern electroplating supplier.