Electroplating Company Challenges & How Times Have Changed

EC Williams is a leading supplier of metal finishing and coatings services. Like all companies, our electroplating company in the West Midlands has had to adapt to meet the demands of ever changing times. With industries constantly evolving, the requirements and expectations for electroplating services also changes. As a result, companies such as EC Williams must ensure they stay equipped with the latest knowledge and equipment. Therefore, continuing to serve businesses with quality electroplated parts.

Challenges with Metal Finishing and Coatings

When it comes to providing metal finishing and coating services, there are plenty of challenges that the team at EC Williams must overcome. From environmental factors through to legal requirements, as a company we strive to take both a proactive and reactive approach to the latest regulations and specifications. As a company we are always embracing new opportunities to improve our business. Ensuring we satisfy our customers, alongside regulatory and statutory bodies.

Electroplating Environmental Challenges

Every business in the country has a responsibility to manage and minimise their impact on the environment. Over the past decade and particularly the last five years, a much bigger responsibility has been given to businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, not only is there a social responsibility to do so. But, more laws and regulations are coming into play yearly. These legally enforce companies to take steps to reduce their environmental impact.

We are legally and of course morally obliged to refine our processes to ensure that the effluent which comes out of our factories is controlled and minimised. Environmental regulations are getting tighter each year and governing bodies are becoming increasingly stricter.

As a company we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. However, to meet the legalities and regulations, heavy investment into equipment is often needed. This allows us more control over our environmental impact. This equipment only increases in price. As a result, making it harder to afford despite the fact that it is often compulsory to have for meeting environmental regulations. We unfortunately don’t have access to funding to buy this equipment which can be a challenge as we continue to scale as a company.

We hope that as businesses are held more accountable for their environmental impact, the government will make solutions for this to be more accessible for businesses, so that long-lasting changes can be made.

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Cadmium Challenges

If you have worked with electroplated parts before, it’s likely that you’ll be aware of the issues surrounding cadmium. Back in the 1950s, cadmium plating was highly popular. Primarily chosen for its corrosion resistance, industries such as the aerospace and military sectors sought cadmium plated parts for many mechanical applications.

However, research revealed that cadmium had several disadvantages relating to the environment and public health. As a result, use of the material became highly controlled. In fact, Cadmium was placed on the “red list” as a Class One carcinogen in Brussels. Back in 1988, EC Williams were still regular cadmium platers. However, by 1991 after new management, we stopped offering this service completely due to the affordability of regulating it.

The mounting government regulations and the ongoing discovering regarding the health issues surrounding cadmium prompted companies like ours to source cadmium alternatives. Now, we proudly offer a range of corrosion resistant coatings such as zinc nickel alloy plating.

Future Proofing Electroplating

EC Williams are committed to staying up to date with the latest industrial and legal developments when it comes to electroplating. Our quality and expertise is what makes us stand out. In addition, we are determined to ensure our electroplating company is future proofed by investing in everything we need. Consequently, meeting the growing demands of our customers and the industry as a whole.

For more information about electroplating services, head to our website. Alternatively you can call 0121 236 2524 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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