Industrial Silver Electroplating For When Quality Matters

Industrial silver electroplating is the process by which a component is given a fine silver plate. The main industries that use our silver plating services are the electrical and the electro-mechanical industries. However, here at EC Williams, we can cater to any industry, providing quality electroplating finishes.

At EC Williams, we pride ourselves on delivering consistency and offering excellent results to industries that require an exacting level of finish. Furthermore, we always meet the unique electroplating specification requested by the client.

At EC Williams, we bring our knowledge and professionalism to every job that we undertake, no matter the scale. We have the silver plating service capability to deliver a timely turnaround for our clients. As a result, we ensure that you get your job in the timescale you require.

Industrial Silver Electroplating – Are You Getting What You Are Paying For?

Silver electroplating is notoriously expensive. For instance, 80% of the cost of electroplating is in the cost of the silver.

Unfortunately, this leaves industrial silver plating open to abuse by unscrupulous suppliers.

The main problem that has come to our attention, is that some suppliers do not apply the correct deposit thickness of silver plate. Therefore, this enables them to make a larger profit from the job, while the customer is none the wiser.

We Have Cutting Edge Technology

At EC Williams, we ensure that all of our industrial silver electroplating is carried out to the correct deposit. We have cutting edge technology, in the form of our X-Ray Fluorescence test equipment. Therefore, this allows us to certify the deposit depth of the silver plate.

For all your industrial silver plating requirements, EC Williams can offer an excellent range of deposits, from 2 to 25 microns. We can also offer a variety of post plating treatments, including anti-tarnish dips.

Quality Of Plating

If you are looking for a silver plating service for your industrial needs, it is important to consider the implications of the quality of plating that you receive.

Many of the components commonly plated are used in electrical items, such as switches.

By varying the silver plating deposit depth, you can alter the corrosion speed and the conductivity. This can have potentially worrying safety implications. It is always advisable to choose a well-respected and professional plating firm, who value integrity over profit.

Advice And Support

If you have any questions regarding industrial silver electroplating, or indeed any of the other electrical electroplating finishes we supply, we have experienced, trained staff ready to give you extensive technical advice and support.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for industrial silver plating, or any of our other services please call 0121 236 2524. Alternatively, you can  email us at