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Zinc Electroplating from EC Williams

Blog posts relating to zinc electroplating.

11th May 2023
zinc passivation | zinc coating company

A Guide To Zinc Passivation | EC Williams

Summary. Zinc passivation and zinc coating company, EC Williams, emphasises the importance of corrosion resistance in electroplating. Zinc coatings, when treated with chromate passivation, combat ‘white rusting’. Various treatments offer different protection levels, with zinc-nickel alloy providing enhanced corrosion resistance.   Appearance is nearly always a factor when you are choosing electroplating. However, resistance and […]

15th December 2022
electroplating uk

Looking For Electroplating in the UK? Your Guide to Electroplating Services

The modern electroplating process took place in the early 19th century. Since then electroplating in the UK has expanded into a fully comprehensive service. It supports a wide range of industries and requirements. With the development of bigger electric generators, higher currents are now available. Therefore, improving the process even further and creating an even […]

14th October 2022
blue zinc coating at EC Williams

50% Of Zinc Is Used To Protect Steel And Iron

Here at EC Williams Ltd, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading electroplaters. Specialising in zinc plating services – including blue zinc coating. We have supported many industries over the years with our electroplating services. But what makes the process for metal coating so popular? Zinc is a naturally occurring element that […]

26th May 2022
The Importance Of Electroplating Bolts And Fasteners - EC Williams - zinc plating bolts

The Importance Of Electroplating Bolts And Fasteners

Summary. We specialise in electroplating bolts and fasteners, particularly zinc plating, to enhance corrosion resistance, durability, and finish. Serving various industries, we offer high-quality, reliable electroplating services, ensuring optimal performance and safety in aerospace, defence, and automotive sectors.   Electroplating bolts, screws, and other fasteners is one of the best ways to provide long-lasting corrosion […]

26th January 2022
zinc plate passivate - zinc electroplating services

Zinc Plate Passivate At EC Williams

Here at EC Williams, we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of electroplating services (including zinc and copper) to meet as many different customer requirements as possible.  Quality and consistency is at the forefront of our business and the services we offer. We strive to continue delivering the best possible service […]

13th January 2022
examples of electroplating metal coating

Daily Life Examples Of Electroplating

Electroplating is a metal coating that protects and optimises articles as well as components to improve performance and appearance. Durability, aesthetics, electricity conduction and friction control are just a few of the benefits that electroplating can deliver to your metal parts. The question is, what are these metal parts, and how do they affect our […]

29th December 2021
metal finishes manufacturers - electroplating in automobile industry

Electroplating: Improving The Environmental Performance Of The Car Industry

Summary. Metal finishes manufacturers have significantly advanced electroplating in the automobile industry. Over the past two decades, they’ve enhanced vehicle longevity, boosted fuel efficiency, and improved manufacturing. At the same time, the industry has reduced its environmental impact.   Over the last two decades, the metal finishing industry has seen significant advancements. In particular, the […]

5th November 2021
what is zinc plating - zinc nickel plating manufacturer

Zinc Plating Suppliers | Trust Us With Your Zinc Plating Needs

As zinc plating suppliers, we advice our customers on the different types of plating processes. There are many to choose from, however, zinc plating is one of the most popular. What Is Zinc Plating? Zinc coatings work by forming a barrier to prevent corrosion of the underlying steel. Additionally, its popularity is due to its […]

10th September 2021
zinc electroplating services - zinc nickel electroplating supplier

Zinc Electroplating Services | All You Need To Know

Electroplating specialists, EC Williams are proud to offer zinc electroplating services. You’ve possibly wondered what zinc electroplating is, and how zinc electroplating works. As leading experts in electroplating, we can answer all of these questions and more. We are a team that go the extra mile when it comes to providing you with a solution. […]

5th September 2020

EC Williams: Utilising the Benefits of Electroplating for a Range of Components

As leading electroplaters in the UK, we recognise the importance of metal finishing and the many benefits it provides. Armed with state of the art technology, our expert team can deliver valuable electroplating services to many businesses. To help you understand how electroplating can help you, please continue reading What is electroplating? Electroplating, also known […]