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Blog Posts Relating To Our Company And Our Electroplating Services.

10th November 2022
Electroless vs Electrolytic Nickel Plating

Electroless vs. Electrolytic Nickel Plating

Nickel plating is a process that can enhance the durability, hardness, conductivity, and heat-resistance of your component. Nickel plating can also protect the parts from corrosion, as well as give it an attractive finish. However, when it comes to plating services, there are many options to choose from, some of which may look and sound […]

27th October 2022
Specialist Corrosion Resistant Metal Plating | EC Williams

Electroplating: Overcoming Hurdles For Wave and Tidal Energy Generation

When it comes to metal plating, it’s safe to say we have a lot of expertise here at EC Williams. With over fifty years of experience under our belts, electroplating parts is something we have grown to be very good at. In addition, we have become experts in corrosion resistant metal plating. In fact, now […]

14th October 2022
blue zinc coating at EC Williams

50% Of Zinc Is Used To Protect Steel And Iron

Here at EC Williams Ltd, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading electroplaters. Specialising in zinc plating services – including blue zinc coating. We have supported many industries over the years with our electroplating services. But what makes the process for metal coating so popular? Zinc is a naturally occurring element that […]

21st September 2022
Metal Finishing and Coatings: How Times Have Changed

Electroplating Company Challenges & How Times Have Changed

EC Williams is a leading supplier of metal finishing and coatings services. Like all companies, our electroplating company in the West Midlands has had to adapt to meet the demands of ever changing times. With industries constantly evolving, the requirements and expectations for electroplating services also changes. As a result, companies such as EC Williams […]

25th August 2022
Electroplating companies in Birmingham | EC Williams is Better than the Rest

EC Williams: Helping You Invest In The Right Electroplating Service

If you’re looking for an electroplating company in Birmingham, then look no further than EC Williams Ltd. We’ve been providing electroplating services to Birmingham and to the rest of the country for over 100 years now. As a result, we have earned ourselves a fantastic reputation as one of the leading electroplating companies in the […]

11th August 2022
Electroplating In Automotive Industry - Electric Car Revolution

Effects of the Electric Car Revolution On The Automotive Supply Chain

Summary. As an electroplating manufacturer, we adapt to automotive industry shifts, focusing on copper, tin, and nickel coatings for vital electric vehicle components, leveraging our expertise in traditional and electric automotive sectors.   Over the past one hundred years car design and manufacturing techniques have continually developed and improved. This is thanks to new technologies. […]

27th July 2022
copper electroplating process

A Guide To The Copper Electroplating Process

Summary. Copper electroplating, offered by EC Williams Ltd, involves depositing a thin copper layer on various metals using electric current, enhancing conductivity and corrosion resistance. This popular process, ideal for the automotive and medical industries, creates uniform, durable coatings, suitable for various finishes.   EC Williams Ltd is one of the country’s leading electroplating companies. […]

15th July 2022
Electroplating Company Going The Extra Mile - EC Williams - uk metal finishing

Looking For An Electroplating Company? Why EC Williams Is Better Than The Rest

Summary. Seeking a reliable “electroplating company near me” in the UK for metal finishing? EC Williams stands out in the West Midlands for its extensive range of services, including zinc and copper plating. Our commitment to understanding project needs and delivering quality, coupled with a responsive approach to customer requirements, makes us a top choice […]

23rd June 2022
Metal Plating / Electroplating Companies UK Overcoming Economy Challenges

EC Williams Overcoming Economy Challenges Of The Last Few Years

Summary. We are a leading metal plating company in the UK and have evolved since 1921, overcoming challenges like Brexit and the pandemic. Offering a wide range of electroplating services, we aim to be the trusted choice for engineering companies, providing expert solutions with competitive pricing and fast turnaround.   EC Williams is proud to […]

9th June 2022
Types Of Electroplating Services At EC Williams In Birmingham - electroplating company

Types Of Electroplating Services At EC Williams

Summary. We are a renowned electroplating company in Birmingham, offering diverse plating services like zinc, tin, and copper electroplating. With nearly a century of experience, we provide high-quality, corrosion-resistant coatings, catering to various industries like automotive and electrical. EC Williams Electroplating EC Williams is a leading electroplating company in Birmingham. We have been electroplating industrial […]

26th May 2022
The Importance Of Electroplating Bolts And Fasteners - EC Williams - zinc plating bolts

The Importance Of Electroplating Bolts And Fasteners

Summary. We specialise in electroplating bolts and fasteners, particularly zinc plating, to enhance corrosion resistance, durability, and finish. Serving various industries, we offer high-quality, reliable electroplating services, ensuring optimal performance and safety in aerospace, defence, and automotive sectors.   Electroplating bolts, screws, and other fasteners is one of the best ways to provide long-lasting corrosion […]

12th May 2022
Copper Plating Services At EC Williams - Electroplating Company

Copper Plating Services At EC Williams

If you’re searching for a company that can provide copper electroplating services that will help your business, EC Williams can help. Our copper plating services can reduce costs, shorten lead times and deliver high-quality products to exact specifications. At EC Williams Ltd, we provide metal finishing services to meet your needs. We are one of […]